- Enter Norton Setup Product Key

Download and install norton setup using 25 digit norton setup product key.

Cyber-crime and identity-theft are age-old threats to the world and the same is the case with antivirus manufacturers. Just like hackers keep on devising new ways to infect a user’s system with viruses and malware, Norton Antivirus is no way behind to protect. For a long time, has been providing users with countless antivirus solution software so that they stay protected.

What is the Norton Product key?

It is an essential part of the Norton subscription activation process. Required to instantly download and activate your product, the Norton product key comes along with your subscribed or purchased product. Norton product key which is a combination of 25 digits alpha-numeric character code can be easily located by going through the section that Follows.

Download Norton setup using

  1. Tap on the default browser of your system

  2. Click the “Enter Key” with the help of the keyboard.

  3. Just wait till it’s open a new page.

  4. Click “Sign In” option by visiting

  5. Type all the details required in the signing process.

  6. In case you don’t have Norton account then make a new one.

  7. Press the “Create a new account” button.

  8. Go through the process to make a Norton account.

  9. “Log In” to the Norton account to download any Norton product on your system.

  10. Open v“Norton Setup”** webpage.

  11. Press **“I have a product key to enter the keycode”v option.

  12. Type the product key provided on your registered email ID in the given section.

  13. If you had purchased the Norton product key from any store then go through the instruction:

  14. The Norton product key is not inside the cover, and you will get the code on the back side of the cover.

  15. Tap “Get Started” option, in case you like to register for “Automatic Renewal” services.

  16. Skip the above step in case you don’t want to register.

  17. Agree on the terms and conditions to download Norton.

  18. Type the billing details or press “Skip” to move on the next step.

  19. Press “Agree.”

  20. Click “Download” button to begin the download process of Norton.

  21. Wait till download gets complete.

Install Norton Antivirus ||

1.After downloading Norton Antivirus from,click on the “Run” option. 2.You may also click twice on the downloaded Norton fileif you are using Chrome. 3.Hit the “Continue” button when the “User Account Control” window is displayed by the installer. 4.Furthermore, follow the on-screen prompts given by the installer. 5.Now you can use the installed Norton Product on your compatible Windows device.